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This website exists to present philosophies, accomplishments, and intentions of both Nusun Solutions, LLC and David Gordon, to promote Free and Open Source Software, and to participate in software development culture.

Nusun is interested in networking with Orlando-area developers, organizations and software groups.  If you are working on a software project, or you just want to introduce yourself, by all means, say hi.

Orlando Area Meetups

global_151953492.jpgAgile Lean Coffee

The Agile Lean Coffee Orlando meetup seeks any topics that are of interest to whoever is gathered. They manage our discussions via a Kanban "board", timeboxes and Roman vote (thumbs up/down). Hope to see you there for some great conversations on Agile/Lean topics!

Orlando PHP.jpeg

Orlando PHP

The Orlando PHP meetup is for web development professionals looking to discuss and learn about the C-type programming language PHP, which is used in a variety of common web applications. They meet on the first Thursday of each month to present and discuss projects and trade stories from the workforce.  If there is still extra time, it's usually PHP dojo time.

Orlando Dojo.jpg

Orlando Dojo

The Orlando Coding Dojo is the dedicated group for practicing the craft of test-driven development while pair programming. They meet biweekly in various places around the Orlando area, pick a programming language to use, a problem to attempt to solve, and briefly discuss a proposed implementation to follow.